ALONE awarded Certified Body Status by the Housing Finance Agency

ALONE work to support older people to age at home. By providing a range of housing, housing support services and the wraparound supports of befriending and support co-ordination ALONE is helping hundreds of older people to live well at home. Homelessness is an issue which disproportionately effects older people in Dublin and one which ALONE is working to alleviate. The awarding of Certified Body status allows ALONE to access low cost long term loan finance which will help the organisation to fund future quality housing which is suitable for older people, initially across Dublin, Fingal, Louth, Meath, Monaghan and Cavan as the first phase of our long term strategic plan.

Application to Housing Finance Agency PLC for Certified Body Status

ALONE are delighted to announce that we received confirmation of Certified Body Status from the Housing Finance Agency (HFA). ALONE has become only the 16th approved housing body (AHB) to receive this status nationally. The access to HFA finance will form the foundation for ALONE to increase its housing stock in the coming years in line with its Strategic and Business plans and provide more quality housing with to support older people to age at home.

We are delighted to receive this status which acknowledges the work invested in strong corporate governance, quality and the clear focus on future development. Along with successful Housing regulation, Certified Body status shows ALONE is at the cutting edge of quality social housing provision and is a seal of approval to continue to expand in line with our plans.

The HFA was established as a state-owned company in 1982, provides loan finance to local authorities and AHBs, offering a wide suite of products at very competitive rates and a speedy approval process. The HFA requires Housing Associations to have robust Corporate Governance and clearly defined future development plans.