Directors' Code of Conduct

The Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies (Section 5.1) requires that "all State bodies should have written Codes of Business Conduct for their directors and employees". The HFA has, for many years, had a comprehensive code of conduct for its employees, and adopted the Institute of Public Administration's publication, "On Board: A Guide for Board Members of State Bodies in Ireland", as a code of conduct for Directors in October 2004.

Since this publication was withdrawn from circulation by the IPA, the HFA devised its own code of conduct for Directors. A new Directors' Code was approved by the Board of the HFA in June 2013.

This Code sets out the general principles and standards which control the professional activities and conduct of Directors of the HFA. The Code addresses a number of important areas such as disclosure of information, conflicts of interest, acceptance of gifts and hospitality, use of public resources and potential conflict between a Director's outside employment and the performance of their duties as a Director of the HFA.